Sock Cop The Game!

Well, look what the New Year Fairy dropped off!
Help Sock Cop eat all the hearts and avoid The Cat, who keeps trying to steal the show!
It’s available for Mac and PC and is Pay-What-You-Want, so that means it’s free!
Let me know what you think!
Happy New Year and smooches for youse!

The Internet’s Newest Controversy

Forget the dress. Forget the “is it Bill Murray or Tom Hanks.” Forget the shiny legs/paint legs.

THIS is the biggest controversy taking over the internet:


Is this VHS copy of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective rewound or not rewound?

This came up during my Periscope last night, when doing the nightly gimmick “Is The VHS Rewound?!” You can watch it below. (It happens about 23 minutes in)


The ruling was that it WAS rewound. But there was controversy. So, I turned it over to Twitter for advice.



So after further review, I have determined that this tape is NOT REWOUND, strictly due to the technicality stated by @Inkedandtall above.

So I apologize to all who guessed not rewound. You were right. Special apology to @xSmootx, who fought for what he believed in, and is an inspiration to us all.

Controversy still remains and the conversation is still heated, but I think we can all agree on this:


Story Time with Sock Cop!

Sock Cop reads Owen Fitzgeoffrey’s new book L’Enfant Entitled for you and the kiddos! I even do the voices and stuff like you like! Perfect for sleepytime. Or wakeytime.

You can buy the book on Amazon, I recommend it. Support independent artists and stuff! Impress your friends with neck beards and say “I’m reading this book, you’ve probably never heard of it…”
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